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Piedmont Parents Network - PPN

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Piedmont Parents Network - PPN

PPN hosts grade-level discussions for parents with students in grades 6-12. Groups meet monthly during the school year and are facilitated by trained parent volunteers.  PPN offers a great, consistent way to connect with other parents at a time when there are fewer opportunities to do so and kids grow more independent. Think of PPN as a kind of book club with no book--You’ll learn so much from each other about what’s going on, what’s coming down the pipe, and how to keep it all in perspective. It's great to hear from parents of girls if you have a boy, and vice versa, and from parents with older kids who have gone through this before. Topics may change by year, but PPN is a constant and always here to support you. (Some groups have even continued to meet after the kids graduate!) Join now and get to know the many wonderful parents from Piedmont and beyond. 

Membership dues help us directly address parent needs and concerns by:

  • Inviting local expert guest speakers, including Natasha Singh (youth educator), Annie Egan (counselor/therapist), Charis Denison (teen advocate), Ted Obbard (family therapist), Ivy Chen (sex educator).
  • Supporting critical community programming as needed, such as the Screenagers movie screening and the Wellness Center and the Education Speakers Series.
  • Training our facilitators every year to ensure that meetings are well run, inclusive and relevant to you

The annual fee of $50/family grants you membership in every grade you have children. (Remember to check off *all* the grades in which you have children.) In September, new members will be contacted with information regarding their group while returning members will continue with the same group as the year before. Our grade-level PPN Facilitators look forward to meeting you! 

Thank you for supporting PPN since 1998!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact PPN's president, Caroline Santander ( or one of the grade-level facilitators. 

You can also visit our website at or meet us at registration!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the PPN leaders, Caroline Santander ( or Edit Kincses ( 

You can also visit our website at or meet us at registration!