8th Grade Boat Dance 2023

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8th Grade Boat Dance 2023

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Friday, May 12, 2023
5 - 9:30 pm

The 8th Grade Boat Dance is a long-standing Piedmont tradition that celebrates the end of middle school. It's a fun-filled semi-formal event complete with dinner, dancing, casino games and more while cruising the San Francisco Bay.

This is an evening your 8th Grader won't want to miss!

Students will be bussed to and from Piedmont Middle School for this event. Please note that the boat dance is only for currently enrolled 8th-grade students.


  • Students should arrive at Piedmont Middle School promptly at 5:00 pm for check-in, the class picture, and bus departure.
  • All students must have a signed permission slip to attend. See below for details.
  • This is a special event and we would like your student to feel special participating. “Dressy” attire is encouraged, but please interpret that to what is best for your student. Shirts/blouses, ties, jackets, dress slacks, skirts or dresses are suggested.
  • No heels (this is a boat rule) and no cellphones, backpacks or water bottles, please.

All students must have a permission slip to attend. To sign a permission slip, click here.

Help us create an 8th Grade memories video! We are asking families to upload 3-5 pictures of their students during middle school. The pictures can be individual or with a group. Anything that defines your student's time at PMS. High resolution images work best. Blurry photos will not be included. Pictures can be uploaded to our Google Drive.

Partial to full scholarships are available and all requests are confidential. Please contact: Ms. Barrett at ABarrett@piedmont.k12.ca.us.

Deadline to purchase tickets, sign permission slip,
and upload pictures is March 31.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions!
Kim Hunter  kimandhandh@gmail.com
Eileen Kwei  eileenkwei@gmail.com
Janet Lai  janslai@yahoo.com
Sabrina Smith  sabrinasmi@yahoo.com