Piedmont BOO! A Halloween Game

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Piedmont BOO!  A Halloween Game

Join our first city-wide Piedmont BOO! Trick-or Treat game – a fun and socially distant way to celebrate Halloween!

 When you register, your family will receive a Piedmont BOO! Sign for your yard, three Boo count stickers, and a participant map. You will (secretly) deliver Halloween gifts/treats to 3 households on the participant map. In return, you will (also secretly) receive 3 Halloween gifts/treats.

When making deliveries, be sure to sneak in and out like a ghost so they don’t see you- that’s half the fun!

What you give to your “Boo’d” recipients is up to you, but please, due to current safety guidelines, no homemade treats.

We have two ways to participate:

  • Piedmont BOO! Kit: $25

Includes a Piedmont BOO! lawn sign, three BOO count stickers, link to participant map & instructions

  • The Whole BOO! Kit: $50

Includes a Piedmont BOO! lawn sign, three BOO count stickers, link to participant map, instructions, three complete BOO! bags filled with treats and ready for giving

BOO! Kits can be picked up:

  • Saturday, October 17th, 2-4pm
    Havens Gate, Highland Avenue
  • Saturday, October 18-24, 4-5pm
    29 Cambridge Way



Questions? Contact: piedmontboo@gmail.com

BOO! Bag Ideas:

Great things to include are Halloween crafts, small decorations or disguises, Halloween toys and games, candy or packaged Halloween snacks. For allergy safety, please either avoid candy with nuts or place peanut/nut candies in a sealed bag. Please remember: no homemade treats.

Make it easy! Purchase our Whole BOO! Kit which comes with 3 complete BOO! Bags ready to deliver.

Open to Piedmonters of all ages. And, as an added Halloween treat, proceeds from this program will be donated to the Piedmont Education Foundation to support our schools.


  • When can we BOO! people?
    • Any day between October 17 - 31st. Try and deliver BOOs during the day when people are more likely to find your treat delivery quickly. 
  • Can we say hello when we deliver our treats?
    • The name of the game is stealth! You don’t want to be seen delivering your BOO bag by the recipient if at all possible, but please ring the bell or knock so they know to open the door.  Good luck being invisible, ghosts! 
  • The location we picked to BOO already has three stickers on its BOO Count.  Can we still treat them?
    • Sure! But please also pick another house to BOO as well so your household will give FOUR BOOs instead of three. More Halloween spirit!   BOOs only work if we all give to at least three houses that still need lollipop stickers to fill their BOO Counts.
  • I haven’t been BOOed yet and my sign has been up for a week. 
    • We’ll send an updated email list of houses without BOOs on Oct. 26
  • I want to give BOOs, but don’t want to get them myself. Can I still play?
    • Of course! Our goal is to bring Halloween cheer to everyone in the community. If you’d like to give BOOs, feel free to email piedmontboo@gmail.com to get a list of houses in need of BOO treats!  We are tracking participant info for safety’s sake, but we’ll keep it private. 
  • When I get three treats, should I remove my name from the list?
    • Removing your location from the map will make it easier for others to find houses awaiting their BOO deliveries, so you absolutely can, though it’s not necessary. 
  • My question isn’t here. How do I reach you?