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Advanced Learners Program Support - ALPS

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Advanced Learners Program Support - ALPS

Inspire a passion for learning! Piedmont ALPS (Advanced Learner Program Support) works to ensure advanced learners in K-12 stay engaged, challenged, and learning during the school day.

Your donations fund:

  • Differentiation specialists and other professionals trained to work specifically with advanced learners.
  • Teacher coaching and professional development for teachers on differentiation and GATE training.
  • Educational tools & materials to support advanced learners.
  • Educational seminars and communications forums for parents.

Make a difference today. Partner with Piedmont Unified School District to ensure the K-12 curriculum supports advanced learners. Piedmont ALPS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Visit us at piedmontalps.org or email us at piedmontalps@gmail.com