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Wildwood Parent's Club (WPC)

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Wildwood Parent's Club (WPC)

Welcome to the Wildwood Parents Club (WPC)!

All families at Wildwood are welcome members of WPC!  The WPC plays an essential role in funding the enrichment of your child’s school experience, including classroom materials, library support, STEM resources, science materials, lunchtime activities, assemblies, speakers, musical instruments, art supplies, and teacher appreciation activities.

All WPC programs are operated by parent volunteers and WPC operations depend on your contributions!  Please consider giving to WPC to directly benefit students at our school. 

With your donation, you will receive a copy of the annual district-wide PEF Student Directory, the easiest way to connect with other families at your school and through the community. Student Directories will be delivered to you later this fall. 

Wildwood Parents Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your generous contribution is tax-deductible.