What is PEF Student Staples?

PEF Student Staples was designed to replace the Piedmont Store in 2018. Like the Piedmont Store, PEF Student Staples aims to make it easy for parents to purchase things like yearbooks and activity cards while contributing to their student's classroom needs and supporting the organizations that support Piedmont Unified School District.

All items on this website are suggestions. Students and parents are not required to purchase any Student Staples or donate to any funds or organizations, though doing so will enhance student services and experiences and help keep our schools strong.

Each year the gap between funds provided by the California government and local taxes, and the actual cost to educate our students, widens significantly. It is up to us, the parents of Piedmont, to ensure our district has the funds it needs to provide our students with a stellar education.

Your purchases and donations help offset the costs of the supplies and programs provided to students and ease the burden on the district's budget.