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Millennium High School (MHS) Parent Club Membership

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Millennium High School (MHS) Parent Club Membership

The MHS Parent Community shares the same vision as other Piedmont Parents' Club support groups, but because we are the smallest and most unique school in our district, we work to continuously educate our families who do not live within Piedmont and are unfamiliar with our Piedmont support network.

We want all families to feel a part of their student's education and that occurs effectively when we (parents) know each other.

The MHS PC has two main goals:

  1. To build a strong parent community. In doing so, we can be more effective in understanding and serving the needs of our school: teachers, students, and parents. Monthly meetings/events that support topics the parents are interested in helping us achieve this goal.

  2. To support our school's unique Student Community Building programs and material support needs through three MHS PC fundraisers: Membership (the PEF Student Directory), the district-wide (fall) PEF Giving Campaign, and the Spring Auction in conjunction with and in support of the MHS ASB Community Dinner.

With every membership, you will receive the PEF Student Directory, which will give you contact information for all MHS families.

Join today to help support our community and our students.