PHS Parents Club

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PHS Parents Club

Your support of the PHS Parents' Club (“PC”) funds many of the extracurricular activities that make PHS so special, including freshman orientation, senior activities, and hospitality events. Your membership also helps pay for everything from the Stanford-affiliated Challenge Success program (that allows for later start times, testing before winter break, and other critical student mental health strategies) to teachers grants that bring new ideas to the classroom.  Without your support, the high school will not provide these much-loved activities and programs. We are counting on your membership donation to continue to fund these many favorite traditions!

To that end, we are asking that you consider supporting the PHS PC at one of the following levels:

  • Purple Membership: $75 (1 PEF school directory, 1 drawing entry)
  • Highlanders Membership: $125 (2 PEF school directories, 5 drawing entries)
  • Big Scots Membership: $250 (2 PEF school directories,10 drawing entries, PHS PC tote bag, PHS PC Blanket)                                         

This year not only will you get one of the PEF school directories, but you will earn entry into our DRAWING and can win the following prizes:

    • Assistant Principal for a day
    • Student featured in an ASB Rally
    • 2 tickets to an acapella performance
    • 2 tickets to a play
    • 2 tickets to dance performance
    • 2 tickets to musical
    • Free entrance to all home football games (ex NCS)
    • Piedmont Swag "Rally Bucket"
    • PHS PC Cups
    • PHS PC Tote Bag
    • PHS PC Blanket
    • $100 Food Service Credit

Come find us during walk-through registration as we will be giving colored bracelets away to your kids in the color of their grade (Orange, Red, Blue or Green) for them to proudly wear on spirit days.

For more details about the PHS PC and our meeting schedule, please visit