PIE: Piedmonters for Inclusive Education

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PIE:  Piedmonters for Inclusive Education

Piedmonters for Inclusive Education, or PIE (formerly known as PRAISE), is a group of dedicated Piedmont parents who are committed to providing support and resources to children with disabilities and their families. We collaborate closely with the Piedmont Unified School District and other parent and community organizations to create a more inclusive and supportive community for everyone, regardless of their neurotype or access needs.

Our primary focus is to provide a supportive network for families, students, and educators, and to promote understanding and acceptance of differences. We work to raise awareness of the challenges faced by students with disabilities and strive to improve access to resources and services that can help them succeed.

Through our advocacy efforts and community partnerships, we are dedicated to promoting positive change and building a more inclusive and supportive community. We welcome and encourage the support and involvement of all community members who share our vision for a more equitable and inclusive Piedmont. For more information, please see Piedmontie.org.