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Wildwood Technology Fund

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Wildwood Technology Fund
Technology is critical to ensuring the success of our children and teachers during distance learning portions of the school year. This year requires an unprecedented investment in technology. We know this is a big ask, but these are the items that were identified after taking stock of existing inventory and on input from teachers and educators during last year’s distance learning. 


Thank you for your support - we won’t be able to do this without you! Donations are tax-deductible.

These funds will go directly towards the following items:
  • Touchscreen chromebooks for every student. A number of the chromebooks used last year have aged out and we need to invest in new ones. Each student will need a device, as well as having a few supplemental devices in the event of breakage or malfunction. Extra devices are one reason we were able to rapidly replace Chromebooks that stopped working during distance learning last year.
  • Teacher chromebooks. We need 20 new devices for our teachers
  • Wireless projectors. 12 Projectors that let teachers connect from anywhere in the classroom. They also allow students to connect wirelessly to the projectors from their devices.
  • Voice assist microphones in the classroom. Helps boost and amplify teachers voices from under their masks in an in-person teaching environment. Teachers can use them for distance learning as well.